How many Palestinian Arabs would emigrate if they could?

Times of Israel reports:

Explaining his support for a one-state solution, Feiglin contended that over 90 percent of Palestinians in Gaza and 65% of Palestinians in the West Bank would already prefer to emigrate, making it possible to maintain a Jewish majority in an expanded sovereign Israel between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea. (He did not specify a source for the statistics and the Zehut party was not able to provide one either.)
I don't know where he got his numbers from either.

The latest PCPSR poll of Palestinians notes 50% of Gazans and 22% of West Bankers say they want to emigrate, a far cry from Feiglin's assertion. It is possible that he is stretching the interpretation of the answers, because while I don't have the details of any recent surveys, older ones when asked the question had two separate answers "do not seek to emigrate" and "certainly do not see to emigrate," and it is possible that the Zehut party is choosing anyone who didn't say "certainly" as being a potential emigrant.

There is always the question of where they want to emigrate to. In Jordan, one third of citizens want to emigrate themselves, including nearly half with university degrees.

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